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    How Ron Swanson became Ron Swanson.

    My first meeting with Mike Schur, one of the two creators, about Ron Swanson, we almost opened the meeting by saying, “Well, this guy has a kickass mustache.” And I don’t usually wear a mustache. I think Mike had once seen me at an audition forThe Office with a mustache, so that was where we started.

    There was a side of my demeanor—I’m not always stoic and expressionless like Ron, but sometimes I am. So I think Mike took that plainspoken, no-bullshit side of me, and liked that color a lot. They found it incredibly hilarious that someone would have a wood shop and make things out of wood for fun so they laced that into the character.

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    So I have to confess, I kind of love Ron Swanson.

    Yes. My favorite guilty libertarian pleasure. ;-P

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    By far my favorite character on TV.
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    The Pyramid of greatness.
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    Yes. My favorite guilty libertarian pleasure. ;-P
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