1. Foreign Policy Debate

    Obama definitely won last night’s debate. But if I were an ‘undecided voter’ (meaning someone who lives under a rock and doesn’t know anything about foreign policy anyway) I guess this would seem like the closest thing to a tie, but only because Romney seemed to be agreeing with most of Obama’s current policies. If you go off what Romney said last night the ONLY major difference between his policies and the President’s is that he refuses to cut our MASSIVE military spending and actually increase it to build boats. So if that’s really their only difference, focus on that.

    Romney said that he is going to go through every domestic and social program in our budget and cut it if it’s not “ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY”… programs like Planned Parenthood, NPR, Food stamps, SSI, Veterans disability compensation, school lunch programs low income children, unemployment compensation… but in the mean time we will keep spending irresponsibly in foreign countries and build big boats we don’t need. And they say republicans are the fiscally responsible party!? Is that supposed to be ironic?

    The choice presented to voters in last night’s debate can be boiled down to a choice between more military spending (NOT on soldiers or veterans but on GUNS AND BOATS) or more domestic spending at home.  

    But if you really know what’s going on in our dealings abroad and you’ve been actually following this campaign and have witnessed all of the many Romney flipflops you know there are many more differences between Romney’s policies and the Presidents. I truly believe that Romney as commander in chief will bring another bushlike era of ignorance, gaffes and WAR PROFITEERING.

    Romney will handle foreign policy in the same blundering confused style as bush did; losing the respect of the world while making money for his friends and cronies.

    We can’t afford that right now.

    And about this accusation that President Obama will gut the military and Romney will enhance it… Obama did a good job of putting Romney in his place last night but I wish someone would stand up to these republicans and point out the fact that no one wants to pay for this military! First they yell support the troops but with their next breath they demand lower taxes! It’s hypocritical and anti-patriotic. And also, Romney wants to increase military spending but no on veterans or troops…he wants to increase spending for weapons and boats. And I am no soldier and I couldn’t imagine what it’s like over there but the impression I’ve gotten from speaking with soldiers is that they are struggling to get things like BATTERIES, coats that fit, humVs that work…. They are over there doing amazing things with the resources they’ve been given and I’m pretty sure our soldiers can think of better ways to use extra money besides building ships that no one is requesting.

    If you know nothing about foreign policy, the war in Afghanistan, our role in the world and our responsibility to our troops and veterans (then first of all EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!!) and 2nd, just keep this in mind:

    There is a BIG difference between supporting Weapons and War and Supporting SOLDIERS and VETERANS!

    Romney supports Weapons and War.

    President Obama supports Soldiers and Veterans.

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